In the Raw Downtown

Located at 919 Central Ave, Hot Springs Arkansas, In the Raw Downtown is the stationary location of the food truck also named In the Raw.

Inspired by her own journey into health and healing through the power of raw foods, Marci Smith and her team want to make the world a better place,one forkful at a time. For anyone interested in learning about how to eat foods that help your gut checkout They help the community through educational work shops and shopping lists.

They offer cold pressed juices, salads, raw desserts and other creations as well as cooked items like vegan deli sandwiches and vegan burgers. Sandwiches are served with soup, beans and rice, steamed veggies or a house salad giving you much more variety then your average sandwich shop. Burgers are either Grilled Shitake Mushrooms or the Beyond Burger with an option of a salad, daily side, or cup of soup.

Warm colors and soft lighting make this eatery a fantastic location for a romantic evening with someone special or a low key meal with your friends

For our date night my husband and I went to see a screening of Vaxxed 2:The People’s Truth in Hot Springs to support independent film makers that are helping to bring awareness, through media, about vaccine injury. Since we were going to Hot Springs we also made plans to get full on some gourmet vegan food.

Here we have vegetable soup with 2 day old beans, now affectionately referred to as bean porridge. A light soup with a mellow flavor.

This is the Charred Poblano on rice with Great Northern Beans. I had never eaten a poblano before and I was very surprised at how hot they are. If you love Hot and Spicy comfort food this is your dish.

This was my favorite because I haven’t had any vegan sushi since becoming a vegan two years ago and I was floored. The Pacific Plate features vegetable “sushi”, zucchini noodle pad Thai, and a summer roll.

For my husband’s main dish he chose the BLTA. “Bacon”,Romaine, Tomato, Avocado cream, on Dave’s Killer Bread. My omnivorous husband’s impression? It was good!

Next dish was my sandwich, The Maximus.Featuring “salami”, vegan cheese, zucchini, and greens with a light oil dressing. It wasn’t greasy but was so dainty and delicious I felt the need to eat with my pinky out.

For dessert we shared a slice of raw vegan cheese cake. It was so divine my husband only got one bite.

Thanks for reading and if you’re in Hot Springs be sure to swing by In the Raw and try some gourmet vegan food. They purchase as locally as possible organic when available. To keep up with their ever evolving menu go to

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