Fiya Burger 🔥

Today I bought jalapeños and some other great finds at one of our local farmers markets here in Arkansas, Me and Mcagee’s, and I thought I’d share what I made with them.

First off I’d like to thank Daniel Lysk for sharing this coupon with me which I will link here. Coupon for Beyond Meat

Beyond Meat Burger is my favorite vegan burger pattie right now and I have been lucky enough to find them on sale at my local Kroger all week. Now with that coupon I can save even more!

First, heat a cast iron skillet to medium temperature and lightly oil the pan. Next season the patties with a pinch of the following on each side:

  • Garlic powder
  • Crushed red peppers
  • Black pepper

Now cut your jalapeño into slices and place them in the pan to brown. Don’t crown your pan or they won’t brown.

Now it’s time for cheese. I love so many brands from the store. For this burger I used Chao American.

For the sauce you will need:

  1. Soy Free Veganaise
  2. Organic yellow mustard
  3. Organic ketchup
  4. Organic sweet relish

Mix together into a small bowl to make your own vegan Thousand Island dressing.

For the bun I used two heels from a loaf of Dave’s Killer bread, then I added tomato slices.

Thanks for Reading.

Have you tried Beyond Meat Burger Patties? Leave a comment if you have a better vegan patty you would like me to make a post about.

Also I am not being paid to talk about this brand or any other brands I have mentioned. I do this blog out of love. Despite my absenteeism I still only cook and eat plant based foods. I have been overwhelmed with home life and haven’t been keeping up with my blog so I apologize for the long wait in between posts.

One Comment Add yours

  1. Rebekah Brewer says:

    That looks fire!!! Can’t wait to try it!


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