Vegan Night at Table 28

(Pictured Country Fried Cauliflower Steak)

Here in Central Arkansas we have a Facebook group called The Little Rock Vegan Dinner Club where the admins set up a monthly meet up to encourage local restaurants to expand their menu’s to include vegan fare.

This is also a great way for local vegans to meet and get to know each other, lonely as it can be in a world full of omnivores. People like Daniel Lysk And Melanie Sombke take time to talk with restaurants owners and chefs about the need for more plant based options as more and more people across the US are going vegan or plant based.

The menu for this Dinner Club event was delicious and my husband and I tried to cover the whole menu between the two of us so I could write about each dish.

Tonight was also this guy’s Birthday dinner. I thought it was pretty sweet of him to want to eat at Vegan night with me on his birthday when he isn’t even plant based. We booked our table weeks in advance at Table 28, the restaurant inside The Burgundy Hotel located at 1501 Merril dr, Little Rock, and boasts it self to be a modern boutique hotel. Table 28 definitely delivers on elegant food. Every plate was beautiful.

The Amuse was buffalo tofu and vegan blue cheese. Gorgeously plated with a radish slice and a sliver of watermelon. Pictured is the curried sweet potato & coconut bisque sprinkled with spiced hemp seeds; Creamy and spicy, loved it.

The country fried Cauliflower Steak has a wonderful texture and the flavors were spot on. The kale and mini potatoes were a nice touch.

I was blown away by my meal I can’t even do this meal justice by describing it to you. You will have to go down and try this. But it’s billed as ‘Coffee Rubbed Borelo Carrots~ Brioche stuffed black apple~hazelnut ricotta~rutabaga~candied orange~pistachio~ pure cacao’. I have to give it to Scott Rains (executive chef) this is some next level vegan food.

The desserts were delicate and gentile. I had the espresso creme caramel~pistachio biscotti and my husband had the Cardamom Sponge~hazelnut sauce and brandied winter fruit.

This is the second vegan event we have been to at Table 28 and we haven’t had any complaints with the food or the service. I recommend this place for anyone looking for an upscale place to get some food on your next date night.

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