Shoe String Budget

November 30th 2016 Jason Barrow married me in front of our 2 month old son, my late grandmother, his mother, his boss, and our entire bar family in a very low budget wedding. I would even call it a shoe string budget. The venue was Area 51 in Sherwood, Arkansas (free because we have both worked for the owner for a long time) and it was also where we had our gender reveal and our baby shower. Also this was the place Jason and I used to work together when we started dating as well as the place I spent one New Year’s passed out in his lap before he and I began our courtship. Everything happens for a reason! I was not vegan at this time so I had non vegan foods and non vegan hot glue but I wanted to share my wedding in case anyone needed some inspiration on a nature or fall themed party. When I say shoe string budget I mean most things for the wedding were either donated, collected from nature or bought with very little money. My grandma and girl friends all pitched in for supplies, decorations, helped me craft, and even loaned me a wedding dress. We made everything when possible and bought everything else from craft stores, sams or Walmart. Our friend Jimmy Bunker was able to marry us, my mother in law gave me her ring, and even the wedding arch was a donation from a friend’s wedding. I didn’t have bridesmaids but I had a group of several girls who either helped decorate, donated supplies, or food for the event. I felt blessed beyond measure to Amanda Peters, Gloria Witcher, Christina Kelley, and Whitney Lukas just to name a few of the MANY people who helped pull this wedding together.

We couldn’t afford a wedding photographer but we had the talented Luke Williams perform for the ceremony. As my wedding troubadour he opened the ceremony with “Just the way you are” by Bruno Mars and we had our first dance to “Wonderful Tonight” by Eric Clapton.

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