Who Dat’s

In life and especially in a marriage you have to learn how to compromise. Deciding to eat a strictly plant based diet is not only difficult and overwhelming for us but also those around us. If you and your partner are used to a standard american diet, high in meat, refined sugars and dairy deciding to “Go Vegan” is a big change that requires years of documentary watching, book and e-book reading and of course the countless days on google and social media sites to learn how to be a vegan and what to eat and how to make it and what in the world is macro? I have been feeling so overwhelmed with so many things to do and learn as opposed to eating frozen convience foods or grabbing pre made foods that are fast and simple. This made cooking and meal prep even more stressful to me and ontop of that I have been dealing with stressful family issues that have been causing my ADD to get worse which makes it even harder to complete tasks around the house or write ontop of having a great big 1 year old who is walking and getting into everything.

So back to compromise. I realized I was being a terrible example to my son while trying very hard to set a good example. Funny how that happens. Because even if I did influence my son to eat a plant based diet I wasn’t showing him the root of why people go vegan. Kindness. And I haven’t always been very kind with my speech.

So my compromise was to go to a resteraunt with my husband for a steak dinner and make due with whatever I could find. Because my diet choices shouldn’t effect how I treat people. And everyday we have an opprotunity to do the kind thing and not the thing that feels right in the moment.

A friend recomended a destination date in quaint Bald Knob, Arkansas to eat at Who Dats, a cajun ispired resteraunt that was rumored to have big steaks which my husband would apreciate since I respectfully declined to cook meat or dairy at home.

I was pleasntly suprised at the salad bar selection.

Shown here

I asked the waiter about the resteraunt’s produce which he told me came from near by at Gillam Farms in Judsonia where they procured the most delicious muskadine grapes I had ever eaten.

Who Dat’s much more famous for their giant steaks and cajun seafood which my friends and husband all loved. But thanks to our server Russell, for his excellent service and helpful information, I also enjoyed myself. Here are some of the meals from my date and when I went back again with some friends. I highly recomend them even if it’s a long drive for me.

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