Where to begin…

First, a little about me and my hopes for this project.

  • I have a one year old son.
  • I decided to become a vegan recently.
  • I am a homemaker and I deal with anxiety, depression, and ADD.
  • I want to find my voice with writing. I spent most of my life wanting to be a writer and I’ve decided to blog about what I am learning about nutrition, vegan substitutions, and meal prepping.
  • Also what I’m learning about self care and self love after having a very traumatic childhood.
  • I want to show people that eating good food can be fun and exciting.
  • And finally yes I do want to grow my blog into a buisness and be able to work from home because my top priority is to take care of my home by being home BUT that is not the goal right now.

This year is going to be about focusing on personal growth and developing my relationships around me before try to take on too much. I have a lot to learn about writing, blogging, and social media before I try to make a go at my own buisness. But it feels good to be writing again. Thank you for reading.

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