Vegan Halloween

I decided to go out of town for trick-or-treating this year but I wanted to leave something out in case any neighbor kids came around.

I used a recipe I found on the back of my ouji themed rubber spatula I bought. Substituting as I went with vegan alternatives. My 1 year old son Clyde loves them but honestly they were very plain. So I have kept them as an on hand distraction for when my son won’t let me cook. Suprisingly only one apple was left when I got home. Here were some of the signs I put out. I’m kinda crazy.

I hope next year I will have perfected a vegan peanut butter cookie recipe. Thank you all for reading. Please leave a comment below if you have any vegan substitution tips for me. I did use 1/2 apple sauce in place of egg of course and raw sugar in place of white sugar and vegan butter substitute.

I also did not have a rolling pin or flat space to make cookies and the cookie dough kept getting stuck in the cookie cutter planchet. But despite all of this I was super proud of myself for getting all of this done before heading out of town. Happy Halloween from my family to yours!

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