The Root Cafe

Building community through local food.

My loving husband suprised me with lunch at The Root Thursday October 5th. I have never heard of this place but he assured me I would find something I loved.

The Root Cafe is located at

1500 Main St, Little Rock, AR 72202

Owners, Jack and Corrie Sundelle, have owned and operated the resteraunt since 2011 and offer Vegetarian and Vegan options on their menu.

I felt a bit overwhelmed when I saw the size of the menu but my husband pointed out the handy keys to help navigate the menu.

I ordered the Spicy Bahn Mi with vegan mayo. At first I questioned the cashier about the Sriracha, having heard that some brands make theirs with fish sauce. But since my new short hair cut says, “I need to see your manager” according to my husband I got to chat with one of the owners Jack Sundell who assured me that they were prepared for such questions and had done the research for meeting vegan dietary needs as well as gluten free dietary needs. He also informed me that they sourced the majority of their produce from local farms around arkansas.

The staff were all friendly and the dinning room atmosphere was charming and a vintage lover’s dream. Wild flowers in glass bottles on vintage table sets. I was very glad my son was asleep so I could really take in the cozy space.

This sandwhich had the crispiest and lightest fried tofu on baguette hoagie from Arkansas Fresh Bakery in Bryant, Arkansas with house carrot-daikon pickle. Fresh cilantro (one of my most favorite things to eat lately) and jalapenos sourced from Arkansas Natural Produce in Malvern, Arkansas. The carrot-daikon is a vietnamese pickled vegetable and it is SO yummy! I’m learning a lot about foods and the chemical changes that happen during fermentation so I thought I would expand a bit more on the pickled carrot thing I had mentioned. And it was drizzled with sriracha, hoisen, and an in house made vegan garlic aoli and tons of fresh Arkansas grown veggies in my House Salad. The chef can julienne like a MF. Shout out to the incredible cook staff!

I ate my vegan dressing on the side and dipped my fork in it before I stab some veggies. I have never enjoyed arugala in my life before that day! Grown in arkansas. That is the number one reason to buy local vegetables. The amazing taste!

My husband and I shared sweet potato fries with a dipping sauce made from vegan mayo. I have since found all kinds of uses for my Veganaise from Follow your heart. Making dressing using it as a base.

Here is my husband’s burger. I know he enjoyed it and we were both happy to find a place to fit both of our dietary needs!

I will be posting soon about my date night at Who Dat’s in Bald Knob Arkansas.

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  1. Christy says:

    P.S. Who Dats is amazing!!!!

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  2. Christy says:

    I am totally not a vegan however your description of the food and the resturant really intrigued my senses!! I will be checking this out … also you really have a knack for this blog stuff … great job!

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