Little Rock Vegan

Friday Sep 22 my husband took our little family to a vegan resteraunt!

I know my blog is about what I cook but it is SO nice to have someone else cook for you on occasion.

Maria and Keith are co owners of Viva Vegan at 4601 12th street Little Rock. It is currently only open on fridays. The outside of the building is Pink and festive with picnic tables and chairs for an outdoor dining experience.

The menu was small but promised to be completley Vegan and Gluten Free.

The Mexican Inspired menu comes from Co owner Maria’s family background. In our breif meeting we discussed how food brings family and people together. I expressed how I’ve come to realize that food can also divide and she told me it’s why they chose a mexican inspired menu.

I like to eat my dessert first if I get the opprotunity and the Vegan Strawberry Cheeze Cake was the perfect food to start with. It was creamy, light and delicious!

The nachos pictured above were so good I am inspired to try and make some nachos like this for myself one day!

The tacos my husband and I tried. He had the Korean BBQ taco to go with his nachos and ate it so fast I didn’t get to try it. But I did eat the Jackfruit taco. I had to look at it after I took a bite to make sure it wasn’t tender pork. The team at Viva Vegan went above and beyond. I plan to go again this friday.

I was so excited to write about what Maria was saying I forgot to get a picture of her. I will add it after I return there. Pictured here is Keith, co owner of Viva Vegan.

If any of you have tried Viva Vegan or any other Arkansas Vegan Eats please leave a comment below!

Also mark your calendars for NOVEMBER FIRST! There will be a food truck event at their location. I will probably make a new post after I eat there again. It is currently my number one favorite Vegan resteraunt. And my husband who isn’t vegan and is a die hard meat eater enjoyed his food also, date night is saved!

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