Welcome to my Blog!

I hope we will come to be friends as we share recipes and crafting ideas! I have been oversharing on social media for years. But I decided I need to start a blog so as to have all the space I want to share photos of my projects that I work on and to talk about veganism or even just posting about mom struggles. And since I am newley vegan I am having to learn how to make foods I have little to no experience with and it is exciting as well as frustrating.

About 6 months ago I began meal prepping so I would no longer have to eat fast foods or cafeteria food from the hospital. Since my son was 2 months old I have been also caring for my grandmother while she underwent chemotherapy and radiation treatments for lung cancer.

I was 50 pounds over weight and I was determined to get my body back. I joined a gym but was not good about my diet for the first 4 months. After watching friends on instagram share their meal prep methods I figured I would give it a try!

Now this blog is not intended to shove veganism down anyone’s throat. I love to share the food I make and as of 3 weeks ago I only make plant based foods.

I had been a vegetarian as a youth but was unable to go vegan. After 4 years of being a vegetarian I became apathetic and started eating meat again. I have also been practicing yoga since I was about 17 and I know that yogis and buddhists alike do not eat animals because they believe we are all connected and that all life is precious. I want to embody kindness and be more like this in my everyday life. But in order to retrain my brain so to speak I decided I needed to re educate myself on veganism. After watching several documentaries I now feel that I would be healthier and happier if I no longer consumed animal products. I recomend if anyone is interested in learning more I will list these movies below

  • Vegucated
  • What the Health
  • Cowspiracy
  • Forks over Knives
  • Earthlings (warning very graphic but true)

I am currently waiting on my MIL to get here so she can play with the baby so I can clean the kitchen and begin to cook meal prep. I’ll post again soon!

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